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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2011 1:01am-1:31am EDT

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it's final destination and then around two pm the ship got into difficulties and whatever happened this ship actually sank within three minutes it was such a fast sinking that the chaos that ensued on board caused much of the problems that we see now. there were many children on board the ship it seems maybe a third of the passengers. on board the ship were children just hours just before the ship began to sink sink a group of about thirty children had gathered on one of the upper decks in the play room to hold either a party or gathered to play together in the play room a lot of eyewitnesses reported that those children because there were so many of them in various parts of the ship they struggled to get out and some of the eyewitnesses accounts have been extremely harrowing of families torn apart in the struggle to try and escape into the water not even time for people to put their
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life jackets on under some some families even having to leave their own children behind on the sinking ship we can hear from some of those reports now. that the vessel sank within three minutes it flipped to the right swerved and went down we were literally thrown out that's how we survived the whole family was on that ship we lost everybody my wife and grandchildren two vessels have passed by and didn't even care to stop and reach out a helping hand we spent around two hours in the water before we were rescued i swam around searching for any survivors and couldn't find anybody there were a lot of children on this ship they were all in the games room it was impossible for them to get out of there but my grandson would be five years old tomorrow we went on this trip to celebrate his birthday. if you think of it didn't is that people are basically very alike as if in the middle it's a call for get the minutes to get. the. it was my ten year old daughter she i
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couldn't risk you here she swallowed too much water when it wasn't any lies to make a child was absent with it we don't know where to look for survivors there were a lot of children on board even more than ever this might only came ran into me and my husband two or three minutes before the ship sank and told us please we live chickens as the vessel is since i couldn't believe it would be meeting with telephoning everyone trying to learn anything to deal with car the police but they said to conduct the search and rescue service we did but there was no reply so we game here to find out at least something we didn't hear nobody knows anything. it's horrible having the slightest knowledge of what's going on they should give us at least some information and that's going to search and rescue service by they don't answer the phone. so we can hear some of the very high rolling accounts of the attempts to escape from the ship and also
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from the lack of information now which is. causing a lot of stress among a lot of the relatives that have gathered in nearby upstream and some of them here at the emergency ministries when people were able to get off the ship into the water they found that their troubles were unfortunately far from over the point of which the ship sunk was three kilometers from the nearest bank and the river the river there the volga is immensely why does around ten kilometers wide at that point so anyone in the water would have an awful job trying to get to the bank some of them may have sheltered on that small island around the ship and waited there and the search is still ongoing for them but it's feared that many of the people especially children who got into the water may have drowned in the rivers strong currents there's also complications to the rescue efforts because of a dispute about the numbers of people. on board the ship some people think it's
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more like one hundred eighty or as high as two hundred others think it's more around one hundred sixty six so this discrepancy is making it difficult to know how many people they're actually looking for one of the soon after the ship sank a lot of the people in the water were very dismayed to see two ships pass by them or not pick up anyone it's not quite known why that was yet but the third ship did arrive and did start to pick people up we can hear from someone who was on board but shit now. we were passing by and heard the loam man overboard we mediately started to lower the rescue boat on to the water to bulgaria saying so quickly it couldn't lower its own boat so we picked everybody up in the water it's a lucky coincidence move calling the vulgarian because two other ships didn't even stop to help because of that he's asleep. upwards of a hundred people are still missing and the human tragedy but is unfolding here is
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far from over on the banks or in the water but people here on the banks that are waiting we're trying to speak to them they really don't want to speak to cameras they're holding their heads down in silence they are in agony waiting for any possible news of their relatives and they're terrified that their relatives are never going to be heard from again. ok leave it there for now tom barton i thank you for that update. well as we just heard from tom barton over one hundred people or so far missing and feared dead in the tragedy with no official count as to why the ship went down parties jake agree brings us more details on how the search operation is progressing. officials there actually still looking for answers here a number of theories have already been put forward but i must stress none of them of really being a firm just yet a prominent one is the fact that this. overloaded official capacity was one hundred
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forty people were. confirmed one hundred eighty five people were on board of the time of its sinking also the age of this vessel was fifty five years old and there are questions being raised to whether or not it should have been used as a tourist boat on the revolver in the in the first place some is being stunned by reports of claims made by a crew member saying that it had engine difficulties just before making this two day voyage to because although we have to bear in mind it's important to stress that the misha truss was said that he do have a record of this ship being given the all clear and that recently as the fifteenth of june of course it's there tensions really focusing on finding more survivors and searching out for those missing. rescue operations are being carried out on both sure's started at first light while police are operating twenty four hours are doing there is as yet no information about those who have drowned risk you're
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through asians are still ongoing some people might have been able to swim to the islands there are many islands about a kilometer away from where the ship sunk will continue their search until everyone is found aside from the distance the passage of have to swim to get to shore and of course the currents and other problems with to do with the weather is also the fact that this ship sank very quickly indeed in under three minutes giving people really no time to put on life vests. in the correct areas to get on the lifeboats and this is something you've heard from survivors who are on board and they've they report saying they're not too sure they don't really think that the crew members or any of those on board in charge actually did enough to. stop this boat going down in such a quick time now those at the scene with those divers at the scene who found the best soap on the bottom of the river bed and base is actually being tipped to the rice and that may offer some clues in the future is to find out why this boat did
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sink but president medvedev he's already said that there would need to be a full on proper investigation launched into to find out more ross is on this case now the rescue effort is still really in full swing because there are many people missing now this is focusing along the volga river but also on those are islands nearby as well and this is something as we mentioned by the emergencies minister. the main goal now is the service sure's divide them into sectors with people responsible for each area all island should be checked for survivors and i want to see a final report only once we know for certain there's no one there the search likely to continue for some time now a score still remain missing and of course the hope they can find more survivors. well we can give you some more details about the ship itself the bulgarian as it was called was a double decker pleasure boat built in the former czechoslovakia in one thousand fifty five but the ship was used for day trips along the border ever popular with
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tourists in the summer months attention has been drawn to the age of the vessel though with speculation it could have played a role in the tragedy a ship had not been updated for more than fifty years however russia's transport ministry confirmed it had undergone routine checks in the middle of june and was deemed to be safe the engines and rescue and vacation equipment had all been checked the vessel was capable of travelling at speeds of up to twenty kilometers. of course i will be keeping up to date on the rescue operation throughout the day here on r.t. . well to some other news now a major effort is being made to kick start the store the palestinian israeli peace talks the middle east diplomatic quartet comprised of the u.n. russia european union and the u.s. will meet in washington later today because shay sions ground to a halt last year when israel failed to renew a partial reason settlement construction in the west bank palestinians who consider
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their territory their own wanted recognition of their state within the establishment in sixty seven borders ortiz upon a sneer visited one old village which its former habitants stands as a painful memory to justice. nestled in the mountains of jerusalem are the remains of a once bustling community only the memories of those who once lived here have survived intact i feel this you know i need. to come back to. my religion. to see the house is. also to leave. my father. among the cattle. and figure trees but in one nine hundred forty eight just before the state of israel was declared his family evacuated unlike the hundreds of arab villages that disappeared in forty eight and sixty seven most of the original
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houses of lifter are still here so they. can. they will should do the whole the whole day with the hope they will shoot through the. our mother took us inside the room in the corner and then the table so as to protect us your cop was one of seven hundred thousand palestinians who became a refugee in one nine hundred forty eight his childhood home was quickly absorbed by the newly established jewish state almost inevitable as the man who lived his house in london for. if he was forced to do just because you were free it and he is considered as absentee and he lost the property in the early one nine hundred fifty s. jews moved into the abandoned homes like you only your husband's parents they were also refugees fleeing arab countries we life had become dangerous after israel was created these really government sent him to live in lifter the only says to prevent
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arab owners from returning or in their came here on may fourth live here years without water without electricity the came here. for memory here as a very important most of the original two hundred jewish families left because life in the mountains was difficult and the government was slow to develop the area no one has lived in these houses for forty six years all that remains are stone walls where wild flowers and grass no grow this is empty. i didn't see that emptiness that the israeli government now plans to build more than two hundred luxury homes a chicago tel shops and a museum insisting they'll preserve the area's history we will find ourselves with a neighborhood where history has been conserved there will also be documentation and the story will be told of who lived there as we do in all the neighborhoods of jerusalem but many like your could say it's palestinian land and
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a double injustice why you want to destroy our house and. yeah me. for. three will came from anywhere in the way i can move in my village and come back. return back to my. liver. this. is so only for palestinians lifter is a physical reminder of injustice and survival but for a fair number of israelis it's an eyesore and they'd rather not be reminded of what happened here every time they drive into jerusalem policy r.t. lifter. while nato reports on the success of its a bombing missions over libya some countries taking part in the campaign don't share that enthusiasm while fighting economic losses at home many in spain say they've seen simply been dragged into war
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and the pressure from washington artie's it's her first reports from madrid. we appreciate spain's contributions to enforcing the no fly zone and the arms embargo the nato led mission is on track a pat on the back for spain but not everyone feels quite so please with spain's involvement in libya least of all the spanish people. spanish government support. with spanish troops because they're not. they're not or they're that and the parliament and the government but not the public opinion recent polls have shown a large majority of the population and now against the military campaign to spank continues to sway in the abyss of economic crisis political and public arrest has been growing. it's been carried out in the conditions of a tough economic crisis and conditions when the government had to sacrifice
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a lot and introduce huge reduction of costs in the social sphere with think it's unfair when there is a program of material aid reduction to state participates in a conflict which will be damaging to the country's economy. yet the u.s. defense secretary has still couldn't sustain among others to play a more active role in the nato mission and despite the collapse of the housing market and with unemployment at critical level spain is in death and the extended its mandate for involvement in libya we don't think it's a human is. to go to the media now because we didn't care about the human rights year ago when we were. leaving. the libyan people have right here at go and we didn't hear about welcomed in spain in recent years gadhafi was even awarded the keys to the city on an official visit to madrid the ten there is that so many western countries until recently he could to
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get out and tolerated his regime or go to. the operation against libya is an action performed so. the strategic interests of the major powers such an example of double standards of morals cannot be justified by the international community and the team members themselves have taken a very different visa power the action being taken in libya but less than half the countries even taking part to pressure on participants like spain to increase their involvement a commitment they simply can't afford right now. evidence of the internal struggles the country is facing it's not hard to find there on the outskirts of madrid you can see signs everywhere of the pre-crisis construction much of that works now starts in most of those apartments. now days here in spain you have a military intervention in libya say that of course they don't support the dictatorship but they also don't support their country being dragged into
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a war while they themselves are still fighting such tough economic conditions. madrid. the u.s. has announced it's withholding some eight hundred million dollars of military aid to pakistan pies between the two countries constrains it's a song now it's killing a secret mission despite the costs washington insists the relationship must be made to work time. and out. i don't think we're seeing any signs that the. really. the. ten years ago. it was really very hard to find. it was taken for granted if you're criticizing the u.s.
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you must be. ready. today you have people from a poor. classes apart so i'm really relieved and very very critical of the united states so i think there's something really wrong and i think there is a responsibility also on the. on the u.s. media to convey the right picture to the american public media which is unfortunately they're not doing very much toeing the whatever. line of government so i think i don't see the near future many of these serious differences between pakistan and the united states getting. around that now some other well news in brief. media mogul rupert murdoch is in london to personally handle the crisis threatening to rid his holden before the closure of your case news of the world newspaper and make a phone hacking scandal that is under fire chief executive rebecca brooks despite
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mounting pressure to her to be sacked a two year old saying she was his top priority looks for so that it was the world when some of the most high profile legal fight in. she now faces police questioning as a witness denies any noise took place. we will have shuttle atlantis has docked with the international space station its final mission the end of the u.s. space shuttle era brought a crew of four americans and tons of vital supplies to their russian japanese astronauts currently working. than to spend at least seven days around after returning to earth to museum along with the other. sixty three people have been killed and almost two hundred fifty injured in a train accident in the rescue is working to free trapped passengers from the badly damaged carriages the train which was packed with people doing railed at full speed
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on sunday on its way into the terminal down the train somewhat unusual in indian point maintenance and need to. from out of our breaking news this hour one hundred people are feared dead after a pleasure boat sank in the volga river in russia's republic of tatarstan divers working at the scene say they found many bodies inside the boat. rescued so far eight being officially confirmed dead the survivors say the ship went down within minutes picked up a pulse and crews are in the region's cabin crews on distraught relatives all waiting for any information on their loved ones has been on for several hours but rescuers say the chances of finding anyone else alive are fading. of course i will keep you updated on the rescue operation and also for the progress on our website at www dot com. business news when you get.
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thank you carrie hello and welcome to business. international raising agents if it says it could downgraded number of russian state companies after privatized the move will affect only the ones where the state share will go below fifty percent and from the to be counted cell says the possible downgrade will not change investor sentiment towards privatizing. investors are dealing with russian corporate. doing their own research not relying much on what the rating agencies say another thing is that again they will read carefully through what the future will understand that there's nothing there's no threat or no imminent risk of any abrupt moves and finally i guess they will remember. when the financial crisis hit the markets russian government was supporting not
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only state control but also privately owned companies the same was true for banks all those thoughts put together in your conclusion will likely be the market moves from one privatization happens will be quite muted. let's have a look at the markets all is extending the losses after a decline in the end of last week brand planned is trading at over one hundred seventeen dollars per barrel while they tell you to rise at around ninety six dollars. a share shares are lower on monday with disappointing u.s. jobs report under spike in chinese inflation wearing on the market financials are trading in the red in hong kong heavy weighs heavily h. w. sorry has the seeds down more than one percent in tokyo exporters are losing ground and strong again backing the trend it's talking of electric power it's adding eighty percent as investors are waiting for details of the government's plan stress tests to prepare power facilities. just one hour ahead to the opening bell in
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moscow by three hours he has in my six closed point nine percent in the red and friday made a week out or held. last week's poll data from the us have said and negative turn to russian stocks and mark rubinstein from i have see by triple expects a downward trend to rule the market in the coming days. we just had a very weak us labor market the numbers. come out significantly below consensus the number of new jobs created in the united states during the month of june this is our live big negative for the markets i think at the current we could see some profit taking and some correction but of course you know it's going to be very much contingent on what's going on in the commodities markets and we might see a correction in commodities this week as well looks like first part of the way it is going to be. down poured and then i think sam's to visitation during this second
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half and probably going to close or lower. russia's calm all cases easing up sales have grown saw two percent in june come back to sixty percent increase in the previous months to get slowdown has been seen by japanese produces suffering from supply disruptions they've run out of stocks which were made before the devastating earthquake and watch toyota says it produced four hundred fifty thousand less cars as a result of tolls and spray. and you're up to date with back with more business news in just under an hour's time stay with us for the headlines with kerry next.
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first tree removal call the clear cut. second explosives are used to beat the girl. her remains are reviewed by machinery. wanted she is the judge in the family she's. on a. is
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he. says.
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breaking news. a hundred people are. going to start. seeing many bodies inside. the store relatives and friends have gathered desperate for information about their loved ones. by survivors many children trapped inside the sinking ship. many theories are being investigated as to why the boat went down in such terrible consequences to. the crew. well. a ward winning film about one of the biggest environmental and human rights
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catastrophes in american history. for. lewis blayse good. sleighing. a. day.
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long. sleep. most of the carbon that we buy from across the earth is millions of years old coal particularly interesting because per unit of energy generated coal actually may be the cheapest fuel but it also releases the balls curve to be with her as carbon dioxide beginning in earnest with the development of the steam engine the late seventeen early eighteen hundreds here.


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